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Anxiety Problems

Chronic anxiety is miserable. It can lead to avoidance of so much of the good stuff in life. It can also give rise to addictions to escape the misery, producing even more pain and suffering. Anxiety often begets depression.

The amazing thing is that learning to embrace your emotions - fear, sadness, anger, shame, grief - can dissolve a great deal of anxiety. I have seen this over and over in my practice. I can help you find the courage to face these difficult feelings and to understand them with self-compassion.

If the root of the anxiety is in childhood or recent trauma there are wonderfully effective and relatively simple treatment methods I use. I am trained in Lifespan Integration and EMDR. Please click on these links to learn more about them.

All sorts of exciting new research shows that the brain is malleable and that old beliefs and patterns are NOT hard-wired into the brain. We can change them for good!

“Pain is inevitable in life - the misery optional”
~zen aphorism

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